Live Recordings of Pat's Orchestra with Glenn

These following selections are live recordings of Pat McIssac's Orchestra (probably Pat along with Joe Libby, Bud Ray, and Edna Perry) with Glenn Pease calling the squares.
The recordings are from two different events -
    In Warren, NH. probably in 1973 or 1974
    At the Painted Barn in Wentworth NH, probably around the same time
          (the Painted Barn recording was made by Wallace Ragan)
Little else is known about the recordings, but it is probable that they were made on a reel to reel tape recorder from a single microphone placed on the front of the stage.

Squares promped by Glenn with the Orchestra
My Little Gal
Red River Gal
Hinky Dinky Parlez Vous
Honolulu Baby
Fairest Girl in Town
Just Because
and a 'string' (contra) dance --> Lady of the Lake

Some Foxtrots, Polkas, and Waltzes with the Orchestra
Chattanooga Shoeshine Boy, Sugar in the Morning
Down Yonder, Are You from Dixie, You Are My Sunshine, When the Saints..., She Wore A Tulip
The One Who Has My Heart, Release Me, Unknown 1, Unknown 2 (Waltzes)
My Blue Heaven, Whispering, Side By Side, Alexander's Ragtime Band
Unknown 3, Tennessee Waltz, Unknown 4 (Waltzes)
Unknown 5, Pensylvania Polka

Note: I would be glad to hear from anyone who can better identify these
tunes than I did - you can reach me at <Walter_LenkConfigular.Com>

Last Updated August 30, 2009