Pat McIssac's Orchestra

Pats band
Glenn and Pat at the Orford Town Hall,
with 'Bud' Ray on drums, Les Donnelly
on sax and Glen Youngman on piano

Pat McIssac played in his father's band from the time he was 13 until 1951, when he began his own band at the age of 20.

Pat's band included four or five musicians, several of whom played together for over 25 years.

    Pat McIssac played E-flat Alto Sax most
      of the time, but he played piano during
      the squares and 'Lady of the Lake'. Pat
      said that it was too hard on Edna's hands
      to play for the squares, and that Glenn
      preferred that he play then, so he did.
    Earl 'Joe' Libby played Tenor Sax on the Polkas and Foxtrots, and played Fiddle the rest
      of the time.
    Irv Cushing played the Accordion most of the time, but sometimes played the trumpet.
    Edna Simpson played the Piano for all but the squares.
    Floyd 'Bud' Ray played the drums.

In all, Glenn called with Pat's band for 25 years, beginning in 1951.

Some of their long-time venues were:
    Warren Town Hall - winters for 10-15 years
    Wentworth Painted Barn Summers for 11 years
    Rumney Town Hall every two weeks in the winter for 6-7 years
    Camp Lawson on back side of Stinson Lake every Friday night for 3-4 summers