Lyrics for some Singing Squares

Here are the lyrics and my notes (as .pdf files) for the 3 dozen or so singing squares that I have collected and learned over the last several decades - some with modifications to suite my taste. Some of them are in my current repertoire, some are ones that I've done only a few times, and some of them I have never done in public, but I have learned the lyrics to them and enjoy them all - I hope you enjoy them as well.

An Index to the complete collection

Part 1 - My favorite Squares
Part 2 - Squares that I do on occasion
Part 3 - Squares that I do rarely
Part 4 - Squares that I pretty much never do

Some notes on how and why I learned all of these

Some suggestions for learning singing squares
    ... and a few examples

And lastly, a transcription of Chip Hendrickson's call book circa 1955, courtesy of the Hendrickson Family.

Comments, corrections, criticisms, etc, are appreciated.........

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